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checking the mtv fandom awards update like

I’m not complaining because I love Free!, but admittedly I was leaning toward AoT a bit more for this one…

Free! is definitely the craziest fandom, that’s for sure. =P

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baby: r-- r-- r-- ra--
mom: randy, dear, get the camera, he's trying to say your name!
baby: r-- ra-- ra--
mom: yes? you can do it! raaandy! go on, say it!
baby: Rage on mabushii hikari!!
Surudoku me wo somukeru isshun e!!


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a new free! eternal summer episode comes out tomorrow aka i wonder what new, possibly sexual gif of rin will appear several times on my dash for the entire day and into the next few.

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let’s fly ~

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My dad is finally starting to appreciate Armin Arlert.

Mission - accomplished.


Free! overcame even Attack on Titan! Personally, I was voting for both AoT and Free! the same number of times each time I voted. Now that AoT is out (I am sad to see it go), let’s win this thing! We can do this, guys! 

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i keep missing the hq_69min prompts…


So I was rewatching Free! and paused it for a minute and



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