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What are you gonna do when we get home?

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doodled around again^^

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Kisumi doodle > math homework

I’ve got my priorities in order. #hugs and kisumis

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Puberty did ya good, rei


Girls behind sports clubs

hello! i was just wondering if you had a download link for english dubbed ouran? i would come off anon but i dont want people to have a go at me for watching dubbed :)

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Ouran’s one of the few that I actually own on DVD. That being said, I’m not sure what your best option for downloading the dubbed version would be. You should be able to find a dubbed version to download on The process is really easy (there are youtube videos, etc. to show you how to do it without using points). 

Oh gosh - I’ve had a few…run-ins with the Sub Snobs myself haha. If people are going to go after anyone for watching dubbed anime, they’re just sad people who don’t have anything better to do. Whether somebody watches subbed or dubbed is their choice, and people have no right to disrespect that. I personally watch both. =)


favorite character meme:
↳[three relationships: one/three Mikasa and Eren]

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Reblog, so Levi can dance on your blog~


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Noragami - Yukine